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About Us

Based in
Elche (Alicante, Spain) and born at the end of 2,012, Hela is a doom metal band that tries to reconcile the two main styles of doom, the dirty heavy riffing in one side; and the melancholic melodies and dark atmospheres in the other side.

The band is formed by the ex-founding members of the stoner metal band, The Sand Collector, splitted up in summer 2,012. Julián Velasco (guitars), Tano Giménez (bass) and Miguel Fernández (drums) decided to continue playing together but with new/old influences. After a few rehearsals with their new compositions, Isa Sierras joined the band as the new singer. 

Broken Cross” was their debut in the underground doom scene, released in cd version by various spanish labels and the own label of the band, Marchalenta Records. The album, that contains six songs influenced by the old Anathema, Candlemass, Subrosa, Acid King, Yob or The Gathering, was very well received by fans and critics and was considered one of the best doom metal albums of the year 2,013 by several specialized blogs and webzines around the world. One year after, the finnish label Svart Records, home of bands like Mantar, Beastmilk or Jess and the Ancient Ones, released “Broken Cross” in a deluxe limited vinyl version.

After the shows played in Spain, the band began to work in new songs. A new work was coming, a split with their friends Lodo. Two new doom songs, more doom and dark than any of their first album, and also a cover from a 70's doom band, was what the band included in the split, released in January '15 again by Marchalenta Records with the help of Discos Macarras.

A months after the recording sessions of the split, Isa decided to leave the band, but soon they found a new vocalist. Mireia Porto, friend and singer in the stoner/grunge band Rosy Finch joined the band, being not only the new vocalist, because she will play also rythm guitar in the new albums and shows to come.